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William H. Gates, the father of Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, died on Monday, his son wrote in a poignant post on his GatesNotes blog.William Gates was 94. In. Bill Gates was born to powerful parents: Bill Gates Sr., an attorney, and Mary Maxwell Gates, a prominent Seattle busines woman who helped her son launch Microsoft. Bill Gates Sr., also called..

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by Geoffrey Grider March 25, 2020 NOW THE END BEGINS Bill Gates' Father, Once A Head of Planned Parenthood, Inspired His Son's Abortion And Population Control Eugenics Worldview, His Mother Created Microsoft It's no secret that Gates' father, William Gates Sr., worked on the board of Planned Parenthood. A prominent attorney in the Pacific Northwest, the elder Gates was also a philanthropist and an.. What I want to say, here, is simply that the experience of being your father has been incredible. I know he would not want me to overuse the word, but there is no danger of doing that now. The experience of being the son of Bill Gates was incredible. People used to ask my dad if he was the real Bill Gates Here is Bill Gates revealing in a Bill Moyers interview that his super-lawyer father was head of Planned Parenthood as a volunteer activity. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood, Gates said. Salon reported in 1998 that Gates Sr. was on Planned Parenthood's national board. 29 Rare Photos Not Suitable for History Book

Bill Gates' Father, 'Head' of Planned Parenthood, Inspired His Abortion, Population Control Views by APFLI | May 9, 2003 | Population Control | 0 comments In a lengthy interview with Bill Moyers released today, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates reveals the inspiration for his funding of pro-abortion population control measures Bill Gates proudly speaks on his father's involvement on the board of Planned Parenthood, which was founded on the concept that most human beings are just reckless breeders. Gates' father would take the concepts learned at Planned Parenthood and incorporate them into building the foundational blueprint for a new era of philanthropy activities that remain to this day

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Bill Gates III has given us Microsoft, but his father Bill Gates Jr.. is no slouch either Infowars' Greg Reese dives into the history of the eugenics movement and explains how globalists like Bill Gates came to adopt the ideology they are currently pushing onto the people of the world. From Gates' Planned Parenthood connection to his vaccination and population control agenda, this exclusive report reveals the truth behind the faux philanthropist To them, Bill Gates walks on water. Is Gates target what his father regarded as the lowest races on earth, or is that where he could just bribe his way into the governments to use their population for his grand plan? Nobody will even raise the question in mainstream media

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Bill Gates and his father stop by to talk about the importance of giving back William H. Gates, the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, died at the age of 94, following a battle with Alzheimer's disease, the family announced. He breathed his last at his Hood Canal beach home. Gates Sr., a lawyer by profession, is credited for shaping the globally-revered Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which had an endowment of $46.8 billion till December 31, 2018 Bill Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft co-creator Bill Gates, passed away in September at 94 years of age. He was a lawyer who helped his son channel many charitable causes. On September 14, 2020, Bill Sr. died at his beach home in the Seattle area William Henry Gates II (November 30, 1925 - September 14, 2020), better known as Bill Gates Sr., was an American attorney, philanthropist, and civic leader.He was the founder of the law firm Shidler McBroom & Gates (a predecessor of K&L Gates), and also served as president of both the Seattle King County and Washington State Bar associations. He was the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates A lot of factors had to come together to make Bill Gates into the billionaire philanthropist he is today — including the way he was raised.His parents — Mary and William Gates, Sr. — weren't afraid to be a little unconventional when it came to raising their son

Bill Gates' vermogen werd in maart 2012 op 61 miljard dollar geschat. Hij was daarmee de rijkste mens in de Verenigde Staten, en stond tweede op de lijst van rijkste mensen ter wereld. In mei 2013 raamde persagentschap Bloomberg zijn vermogen op 72,7 miljard dollar,. Fauci was a presenter at the 2001 Andrew Carnegie Medals ceremony, where he hobnobbed with George Soros, Bill Gates' father, David Rockefeller, and other globalist masters of the universe. WOW: A high-level source just sent me this photo, says that it shows Dr. FAUCI with George SOROS and Bill Gates' father among others. Source says it's from. I'm seeing a YouTube video stating Anthony Fauci was roommates with Bill Gates at Cornell University. It goes on to state Fauci became a CEO of Moderna pharmaceuticals linking him to George Soros, funded by Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein. It's being called a conspiracy theory on MSM of course. But this makes the MOST sense out of EVERYTHING

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  1. Bill Gates Sr. Biography - Bill Gates Sr. Wiki. Bill Gates Sr. (born William Henry Gates II) was an American attorney and philanthropist, and author of the book Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime. He was the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. He served under the U.S. Army for three years during World War II
  2. A little known Fact is that Bill Gates Father was a Director for Planned Parenthood. December 31, 2020 This post is written by the sister of the publisher of the Catholic Monitor, Maria Ramirez: As with the so called COVID vaccine, which Bill Gates, Fauci, etc. are planning on making big money, sterilization
  3. Rory John Gates was born on 23 May 1999, in Seattle, Washington State USA, to parents Bill and Melinda Gates. His father is an investor, business magnate, philanthropist and author, while his mother is a philanthropist and former general manager at Microsoft
  4. ent lawyer while his mother served on the board of directors for First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way. He has two sisters
  5. Bill Gates Sr., a lawyer and the father of Microsoft's co-founder, who stepped in when appeals for charity began to overwhelm his billionaire son and started what became the world's largest.

Bill Gates admits that the vaccines are for human depopulation. According to him, to stabilize the world population, 350,000 people must be eliminated per day. Bill Gates expound on how we must all consent to a 'kill the humans' strategy, to 'save the planet' from the carbon dioxide we make The father of Bill Gates, billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder, is dead. William Henry Gates II died on Monday aged 94. The cause of his death was Alzheimer's disease, his family said on Tuesday, the New York Times reported. Gates senior was an Army veteran and a founding partne Bill Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, died of Alzheimer's disease Tuesday, according to reports. He was 94. Gates Sr., who was a World War II veteran and a founding partner. Bill Gates, whose father was the leader of Planned Parenthood, believes in vaccines, regardless of what side effects may occur. Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviewed Gates in 2011, where ole Bill shares his giddy enthusiasm about how vaccines can help with population control

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Rory John Gates is the only son of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates. While he is still too young to join his father at Microsoft or to choose a different career path for himself, he has regularly graced the pages of tabloids due to enormous curiosity about his romantic relationships and net worth Bill Gates' Parents - William H. Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell Gates. Bill's father William H Gates was a distinguished lawyer; he had also authored a book called Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime. Mary Maxwell Gates was an extrovert, and as a student she was actively involved in student committees

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Bill Gates: These 5 books are so good, 'they kept me up reading long past' my bedtime Warren Buffett has a 'simple' test for making tough decisions—here's how it works VIDEO 1:21 01:2 Bill Gates' father: 'Rich people aren't paying enough' in taxes The software billionaire's father is spearheading an initiative to impose a state tax on Washington's wealthy May 13, 201 Bill Gates' father, William H. Gates II died on September 14 at the age of 94. On September 15, Bill Gates wrote an emotional note on his blog talking about his father's death. As mentioned in the blog, Bill Gates Sr.'s health had been deteriorating before he passed away. But the whole family had a lot of time to enjoy the moments spent with him Bill Gates' father William H. Gates dies aged 94 after a battle with Alzheimer's as the Microsoft billionaire pays tribute to an 'amazing and dignified man' William H. Gates II was 'the real' Bill. Bill Gates' parents: William Henry Gates or Bill Gates, Sr (father, born 1925) and Mary Maxwell Gates (mother, born 1931- died 1994) Bill Gates' siblings: Kristianne Gates Blake and Elizabeth Libby Gates Armintrout Bill Gates' spouse: Melinda Gates (born 1964, married to Bill since 1994) Bill Gates' children: Bill Gates' eldest daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates (born 1996) Bill

William H. Gates II, a lawyer and philanthropist who was the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has died at 94. Gates died Monday at his beach home in Washington state from Alzheimer's. Bill Gates: Over this decade, If a mother and father know their child is going to live to adulthood, they start to naturally reduce their population size, says Melinda Bill Gates announced that his father, William Gates, Sr., has died. Gates revealed the news on his blog, Gates Notes, on September 15, 2020.He was 94-years-old. In his post, Gates said that his. Bill Gates summarised his feelings on his father's death, posting on his own site, gatesnotes.com. My dad's passing was not unexpected - he was 94 years old and his health had been declining - so we have all had a long time to reflect on just how lucky we are to have had this amazing man in our lives for so many years

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Many children idolize their parents and aspire to be just like them. Even one of the worlds richest and smartest man, Bill Gates, strive to be just like his father. On Fathers day, the entrepreneur took to social media to celebrate his beloved father revealing how much he aspired to be just like him - the 'real' Bill Gates Bill Gates. We will miss him more than we can express right now. We are feeling grief but also gratitude. My dad's passing was not unexpected—he was 94 years old and his health had been declining—so we have all had a long time to reflect on just how lucky we are to have had this amazing man in our lives for so many years Bill Gates Sr., Father of Microsoft's Co-Founder, Dies at 94 By . Peter Robison, September 15, 2020, 6:34 PM EDT Lawyer who helped guide his son's philanthropic foundatio

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Bill Gates announced the death of his father in a blog post titled Remembering my father.. The billionaire and Microsoft founder, in his blog post said that his dad's passing was not unexpected as he was 94 years and his health was declining already Bill Gates Senior dead: Tributes pour in as father of Microsoft co-founder dies age 94 BILL GATES SENIOR, father of the tech billionaire who founded Microsoft, has died at his home aged 94

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Bill Gates is remembering his father, Willian Henry Gates II, who passed away on Monday, surrounded by family, with the beautiful moments they shared. Bill Gates shared that the passing of his. William H. Gates II, a lawyer and philanthropist best known as the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has died at 94. Gates died peacefully Monday at his beach home in Washington state. Billionaire Microsoft CEO and founder, Bill Gates has revealed that his father, William Gates Sr, has died at the age of 94. The elder Gates died peacefully at home, surrounded by his family, his.

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  1. Bill Gates shows off his father, William H. Gates Sr. William H. Gates Sr was a positive influence to Young Bill and had congenital traits which his son can attest to: He's very collaborative, very judicious, and he is serious about learning things and really knowing what he is talking about
  2. Starbucks () as we know it today would not exist if it weren't for the help of Bill Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, according to executive chairman Howard Schultz.. In.
  3. al. No other word for it. Now we know who the misfit producers and writer of CONTAGION will say was behind their 2011 Coronavirus film.
  4. There was a Gates family that worked with the Rockefellers back in 1918 during the Spanish Flu. It doesn't seem they're related to Bill Gates but it's a really odd coincidence. Frederick Taylor Gates(1853-1923) was the principal business and philanthropic advisor to the major oil industrialist John D. Rockefeller, Sr., from 1891 to.
  5. RELATED: Melinda Gates Opens Up About What Has Kept Her Marriage to Husband Bill Gates Alive for 25 Years. @jenniferkgates and @nayelnassar! added her father Bill, 64, in the comments section
  6. Icons & Innovators After the Death of His Father, Bill Gates Shared Something Incredible 'I came to appreciate my dad's quiet influence on almost everything I have done in life.
  7. Born Henry H. Gates III in 1955 in Seattle, Gates was the second of three children. His father was an attorney, and there was a strong expectation that Bill would follow his father's footsteps

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Bill Gates Sr., 1925-2020: Microsoft co-founder's father made his own mark on Seattle and the world by Lisa Stiffler & Todd Bishop on September 15, 2020 at 4:16 pm September 16, 2020 at 9:18 am. Bill Gates, Sr., got a lifetime achievement award from the University of Washington as a distinguished member of the alumni. With Father's Day coming up, Bill Gates takes a moment to talk about his dad 10 Disturbing Facts African-Americans Should Know About Eugenics Bill Gates' Involvement With Eugenics Bill Gates' father, William H. Gates Sr., was the head of eugenics group Planned Parenthood. In a 2003 interview with PBS' Bill Moyers, Gates admitted that his family's involvement in reproductive issues through the years has been extensive Transcript: Bill Moyers Interviews Bill Gates More on This Story: You know, and there's a mother and a father behind every one of these deaths that are dealing with that tragedy

Bill Gates Sr., Father of Microsoft's Co-Founder, Dies at 94. Peter Robison; Bookmark. Sep 16 2020, 4:04 AM Sep 16 2020, 6:59 AM September 16 2020, 4:04 AM September 16 2020, 6:59 AM (Bloomberg) --William H. Gates Sr., a lawyer raised in the Great Depression who helped his son give away an immense fortune. Bill Gates Sr., 1925-2020: Microsoft co-founder's father made his own mark on Seattle and the world How Bill Gates Sr., late father of the Microsoft co-founder, helped Howard Schultz buy Starbuck Early life of Bill Gates. His father William Gates Sr was a senior lawyer, and his mother, Mary, served as an executive for a major bank. The family were wealthy but, remembering the challenges of the Great Depression, they encouraged their children to work hard and take nothing for granted The Eugenics Foundation Of Bill Gates' Father. In an interview, Gates talked about his family, in particular - his dad. He told the interviewer that his father was a eugenicist, and that for many years his dad was the head of Planned Parenthood. When Bill Gates divulged this information, it was clear that he felt proud of his father for his.

William H. Gates II, a lawyer and philanthropist best known as the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has died at 94. Gates died peacefully Monday at his beach home in Washington state from Alzheimer's disease, the family announced Tuesday. In an obituary the family credited the patriarch with a deep commitment to social and economic equity, noting that he was responsible for the. A helpful reader sends a jpg of two adjacent pages from Germany's Net-Business magazine. And need we say more? Well, yes, now you mention it. Net-Business does have a web operation, but the text isn't up there yet, and fortunately we can't read it on the image we've got. The article on the left, we're informed, is largely about how everybody in the IT business hates Bill Gates, while the. Bill Gates Sr., philanthropist and father of Microsoft co-founder, dies at 94. Read full article. Associated Press. September 16, 2020, 3:29 PM.

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Bill Gates' father, William H. Gates, Sr., was a prominent banker and a lawyer in Preston Gates & Ellis. He also presided over many bar associations, organisation boards and started the Technology Alliance — a regional push to expand technology-based jobs throughout the 20th century Bill Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has died. He was 94. We will miss him more than we can express right now, Gates wrote in a tribute to his father on his website. My dad's wisdom, generosity, empathy, and humility had a huge influence on people around the world Gates' eugenics pedigree is a matter of public record. He openly shares what family dinner was like in the Gates household in his Bill Moyers interview: When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various volunteer things. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that Bill Gates believes the density of the population in poor areas is too big, and with his depopulation plans he can 'solve' that problem. Consider his huge buyout of Monsanto stock - he owns millions of shares of Monsanto and Cargill stock, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation keep scooping it up 12.17.19 Mansion of Pedophilia - Part I: Bill Gates Has Plenty to Hide. Money and Connections Have Helped. Posted in Bill Gates at 6:45 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz. Photo of the residence of Bill Gates; Licence and source: CC BY 2.0 Summary: The first in our multi-part series about things that the Gates family works to suppress — to prevent the public knowing much (or anything) abou

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  1. Bill Gates' father was the president of Planned Parenthood, an organization which ostensibly acts in favor of the protection and expansion of reproductive rights, but whose history is deeply-rooted in eugenics
  2. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would not be what it is today without my dad, the tech magnate wrote of his father's involvement in the charitable organization founded by the younger Gates and his wife, Melinda. More than anyone else, he shaped the values of the foundation. He was collaborative, judicious and serious about learning
  3. Bill Gates' lawyer father dies. Peter Robison. Sep 17, When Bill Gates started giving away the billions he'd made as co-founder of Microsoft he turned to his father to advise his charitable.
  4. By most accounts, that father-son relationship has been characterized as one of deep, mutual respect. In the forward to the father's 2009 memoir Showing Up for Life, the son wrote: The next time somebody asks you if you're the real Bill Gates, tell them that you're all the things the other one strives to be
  5. As a father, it is my job to try and teach my own son to be the best possible person he can be. To do that, I take inspiration from the father of my son's idol, Bill Gates Sr
  6. Genealogy chart showing how Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) is the 7th cousin 3 times removed to Nelson Rockefeller (41st U.S. Vice-President) via their common ancestor of Stephen Gifford

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We have very good reasons to believe that Bill Gates and his control of the World Health Organization, and the cornering of the global vaccine market, has had a heavy role in causing all of this. Check out this excellent bio pieces from YouTuber Really Graceful - Yours till the end, Joaquin Flore (Disclosure: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of Africa Check's funders, providing 18% of our income in 2018.) It says Gates was eating in a restaurant and left a $5 tip. The waiter was confused, and said to him: I'm just amazed because on the same table your daughter gave tip of $500 and you her father the richest man in the world only gave $5 Bill Gates is one of the busiest and most famous men in the world, but there are a few ways you can try to contact him. Try tweeting Bill Gates on Twitter or sending him a direct message on Instagram. Or, comment on one of his posts on Facebook. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn if you have a premium account or mutual acquaintances With his wife Melinda, Bill Gates chairs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's largest private charitable foundation. In May 2020, the Gates Foundation said it would spend $300 million. Bill Gates Sr., father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates died at 94 of Alzheimer's disease earlier this week. Gates Sr. died peacefully in his home surrounded by family, according to his son

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  1. Bill Gates loved to stay up all night working for hours in his office, on no sleep at all. On Monday morning, a new secretary came into the office and found what looked like an unconscious Gates.
  2. The father of Bill Gates, billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder, is dead. William Henry Gates II died on Monday aged 94. The cause of his death was Alzheimer's disease, his family.
  3. Poor Bill Gates. I mean, obviously not poor Bill Gates, but have you ever looked at his Twitter account? Recently, he announced some of his thoughts about coronavirus along with his efforts to.
  4. BILL Gates has revealed that his father, William Gates Sr, has died at the age of 94. The Microsoft CEO penned an emotional tribute to his late father on his personal blog, saying: I will miss my dad every day
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